2020 High Water Information

Clay Township Board of Trustees-Action plan for High Water

Water levels continue to rise in 2020, Owners should prepare now to protect private property by purchasing and placing sandbags or other flood diversion resources.

It is the intent of the Clay Township Board of Trustees to provide assistance to as many Clay Township property owners as possible, in a fair and equitable manner.  Approximately 600,000 bags were deployed in Clay in 2019.  For owners dealing with high water affecting their properties, the township will proceed with the following 2020 action plan:

Filled sandbags can be purchased for $0.50 per bag for mainland and island property owners only, based on availability, which can sometimes be limited, anticipated on or before April 1, 2020.  There will be a 200-bag limit at initial purchase, with a second purchase of 200 bags per property available, if needed.  Please deploy the first 200 bags prior to additional purchase.  Property ownership will be verified at the township offices, where owners will complete paperwork and purchase filled sandbags.  Quantities beyond 400 bags require property owners to submit a request that will be reviewed and determined by a representative of the Township Flood Committee.  Receipts will be provided with payment and will be required to pick up sandbags at the Recycling Yard on Muskrat Run.  DO NOT LOSE YOUR RECEIPT!  These sandbags are intended to provide a start to protecting your property and are not for resale under any circumstances.

Staging and pickup of purchased, filled sandbags will be located at the Recycling yard on Muskrat Run.  Operation hours as follows:  Tuesday/Thursday 7am-11am, 3pm-7pm and Saturday/Sunday 9am-5pm.  Residents with valid receipts should plan to load and haul away filled sandbags.  The township has purchased a sandbag filling machine and is organizing support from community service and volunteer groups to fill sandbags that will be stocked at the recycling yard.
If you would like to volunteer, please contact the township offices at 810-794-9303, x114.

Unfilled bags can be purchased for $18.00/100 bags (increments of 100) for mainland and island property owners only.  There will be a 200-bag limit per transaction, based on availability. Please deploy the first 200 bags prior to additional purchases.  Owners will pay for unfilled bags at the township offices during normal business hours and bags will be provided upon payment.  Free sand will not be provided.  Property owners are responsible for purchasing their own sand to fill bags.  These sandbags are intended to provide a start to protecting your property and are not for resale under any circumstances.

Occasionally, limited quantities of expired “out of date” sandbags may become available from the Army Corps of Engineers, free of charge.  These bags will be disbursed, in increments of 100 bags per property, at the township offices during normal business hours. 

***The township holds the right to make changes to or end this program.


Protect structures and move valuable items off ground floor levels.  Form neighborhood flood groups and work together to obtain flood mitigation materials.

It takes an average of 600 sandbags to create a 100-foot berm, 1-foot high.  Sandbags are most effective when they are placed in combination with a plastic sheeting barrier, 8-feet from the perimeter of your structure.  Placement of sandbags is not recommended against basement walls or on seawall caps.  Sandbags should be used to protect your home, cottage, garage, shed or pole building.  Do not use sandbags to protect your yard or landscaping.


Excess water must not be discharged into the sanitary sewer system.
It is illegal to connect a pump to drain water into the sanitary sewer or to lift manhole covers to allow surface water to drain into the sanitary sewer.  The sanitary sewer plant is shared with other communities and illegal pumping adversely affects our communities.  Violators will be fined per township ordinance.


Items used to protect property are:

Diversion Tubes                  Aqua dams

Sandbags                  Plastic sheeting

Splash Guards                     Bulk bags

Pumps           Flood Barriers

Lumberjack, Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Uline 

Possible online sites with additional information/Products:












Barrier Solutions, located in Western Minnesota provides flood barriers with no minimum order quantity, lead time is 2-4 weeks, contact # 320-842-4260, info@customrotomold.com, approx $65/linear foot for flood barrier



Local Sand Suppliers:

Blue Water Materials                     810-794-4420
Cortis Bros                                          810-765-1426
Grosso Trucking                                586-725-2935
Mowing Madness                             810-794-0407
Silent Acre Farms                             810-650-2175
St Clair Aggregates                          810-765-5161
T R Pieprzak                                       810-329-4027
Tuzinowski Landscaping                586-725-8426
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