20 20 20 Fitness

20/20/20 Fitness

Starts Thursday, Sept 13th and continues every Thursday for 6 weeks, 6:30pm
Cost: $42 per person for 6 weeks
Class taught by Certified Instructor Jill Jacobsen, Team Fit, Inc.
20 Minutes of Cardio, 20 Minutes of Strength Training,
20 Minutes of Core and Stretch!
Maximize your metabolism while improving your health.
Lose stubborn extra pounds with this whole body workout.
A fun way to lose weight and inches while increasing stamina and metabolism. Please bring handheld weights, exercise mat and water to class.
Not for beginners!
Located in Millside Elementary, 1904 Mill Street, Clay Township, MI 48001
Call 810-794-9320 or email cbabisz@claytownship.org