Clay Townships Mission Statement

Clay Townships Mission Statement

 We protect, preserve, promote and improve the quality of life in our community by providing leadership and services reflecting the pride, values and vision of Clay Township.

Clay Townships Vision Statement

Protect and encourage the environmental, economic, historical, and residential character of the community while creating a destination full of recreational opportunities


  1. Protect people and property.
  2. Maintain and enhance the Township’s infrastructure.
  3. Preserve and enhance Quality of Life.
  4. Protect and enhance the natural environment.
  5. Improve economic vitality and development opportunities.
  6. Provide efficient, effective and essential support services by pursuing partnerships with other organizations.
  7. Influence regional and state issues and decisions.
  8. Encourage community involvement through boards, commissions, committees, stewardships programs, and volunteerism.
  9. Preserve, enhance and celebrate the historic elements of Clay Township.
  10. Provide diverse active, passive, and social recreational opportunities.

 Adopted by the Clay Township Board on February 19th, 2013