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Township Report
Building & Zoning
Code Enforcement
Fire , EMS Department
Police Department
Water Department

Assessing Documents

Property Transfer Affidavit                                                                                   
Principal Residence Exemption                                             Qualified Farm Land  
Request to Rescind Principal Residence                              Request to Rescind Qualified AG 
Conditional Rescind Principal Residence                             Form L-4035 Board of Review Petition
Principle Residence-Active Duty

Building Documents
Electric Permit Application                                                     Plumbing Permit Application
Mechanical Permit Application                                              Re-Occupancy Application
Building Permit and Plan Examination Application            Zoning Compliance Permit Application
Sign Permit and Plan Review Application                             Zoning Board of Appeals Application
Site Plan & Special Approval Land Use Application             Application for Re-Zoning  

2018 Phragmites Documents
2018 Schedule of Events                                                       Program Description
Phragmite Application                                                           Chemical Order Form
Phragmite Wokshop                                                            
Safety Data Sheet AquaNeat                                                Treatment Report Form
Safety Data Sheet AquaPro                                                   Safety Data Sheet CygnetPlus

General Documents
Clay Township Master Plan                                                     Clay Township Recreation Plan
Citizen Complaint Form                                                           Excellence in Governance Creed
Park Rules                                                                                  Park Pavilion Rental Form
Cemetery Fees                                                                          Facade Grant Application
Employment Application                                                         Clay Township Motto               
Clay Connection Newsletters                                                  Peddler Permit
St Clair County NO WAKE ZONES                                           Smart 911
Clay's Mission Statement                                                        Emergency Address Sign Application
Financial Dashboard 
Citizens Guide to Expenditures                                              Projected Budget
Citizens Guide to Revenue                                                      Debt Service Report 1998 Water Bond
Citizens Guide to Obligations                                                 Debt Service Report 2014 Refundable Bond
Citizens Guide to Position                                                       Debt Service Report 2014 Sewage Disposal Bond
Perfomance Dashboard
FOIA Documents
FOIA Request Form 
                                                                FOIA Cost Breakdown
FOIA Procedures and Guidelines                                          FOIA Public Summary                                                           

Meeting Agendas
Township Board Agendas                                                      Planning Commission Agendas
Zoning Board of Appeals Agendas   

Meeting Minutes
Township Board Minutes                                                      Planning Commission Minutes
Township Board Meeting Videos                                         Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes

Budgets 15-16

General Fund Budget                                                             Police Fund Budget
Water Fund Budget                                                                Fire Fund Budget
Sewer Fund Budget                                                                Garbage Fund Budget
Parks & Rec Fund Budget                                                      Phragmites Fund Budget
Oaklawn Cemetery Fund Budget                                         DDA Fund Budget

Blight Ordinance                                                                     Animal Ordinance
Disabled Vehicle Ordinance                                                  Fence Ordinance
Noise Ordinance                                                                     Noxious Weed and Grass Ordinance
Zoning Ordinance #126                                                         Fireworks Ordinance  
Golf Cart Ordinance 140                                                        Golf Cart Registration Form
Public Parks Ordinance                                                          Dangerous Buildings Ordinance                                                                               
ORV Ordinance 138 Amended     
Anti Vape Ordinance 143
Water Documents                                                        
Water Quality Report 2016                                                     Water Rates
Water Consumer Confidence Report 2015