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Clay Township Fire Dept.- Harsens Island/ML

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The Clay Township Fire Department consists of two stations,
one on Harsens Island and one on the Mainland.
Fire department personnel are trained in Firefighting, Emergency Medical Response,
Hazardous Materials, Water/Ice/Dive Rescues and many other aspects of Emergency Services.
The Clay Township Fire Department maintains a
State of Michigan Advance and Basic Life Support license.
This allows EMT and Paramedic personnel to respond to medical emergencies.


The Clay Township Fire Department Station One is located at
9620 Ainsworth, Clay Township.
Non Emergency Phone Number: 810-794-9347
Fax Number: 810-794-9356
                The Clay Township Fire Department Station Two is located at 254 LaCroix, Harsens Island
            Non Emergency Phone Number (answering machine): 810-748-3046
Fax Number: 810-748-8912

Huron Scuba would like to congratulate the hard working men and women of the
South Water Rescue and Dive Team,
which is comprised of the Clay Township  / IRA Fire  Department Dive Teams. 
Under the command of Chief Daryl DuPage, over the past few months,
many team members have continued their training and reached one of the highest levels of certificaiton available -
PADI Master Scuba Diver.  
Being certified as a PADI Master Scuba Diver means that each diver has completed, at a minimum,
an entry level scuba diving certification, an advanced level scuba diving certification,
a resuce diver certification and five PADI specialty diving certifications. 
Some of the many certifications that the divers on this team hold are:
Ice Diver, Rapid Deployment Ice Rescue, Rapid Deployment Search,
Rescue and Recovery, Deep Diver, Blackwater Search Operations, Full Face Mask Diver and Drysuit Diver. 
Also worth noting, some team members have over 30 years of dive experience they draw from on every mission.

Congratulations go out to:

Captain / Diver - Frank Bayly 
Captain / Diver - Dean Folkerts - MSD
Assist. Chief / Diver - John Siecinski - MSD
Firefighter / Diver - James Skorupski - MSD
Sergeant / Diver - Cody Gordon 
Sergeant / Diver - Scott Elliott - MSD
Firefighter / Diver - Steve  Kuhr 
Lieutenant / Diver - Russell Ceder - MSD
Firefighter / Diver - Tony Spina - MSD
Firefighter / Diver- John Sablowski - DMS
Sergeant / Diver - Mike Matyniak
Lieutenant / Tender - Ken Littlejohn
Firefighter / Tender - Brian Sears
Firefighter / Tender - Jesse Rogers
Firefighter / Tender - Brett Thompson
Firefighter / Tender - Robert Limpert
Cadet / Tender Jonathan Falke

These men and women risk their lives each day to help preserve ours
and we are proud to be affiliated with every one of them.
We are thankful for the opportunity to support them and
feel honored to have them as an active part of the Huron Scuba Dive Team.

                  YEAR 2012                           YEAR 2013                             YEAR 2014
         NUMBER OF CALLS            NUMBER OF CALLS             NUMBER OF CALLS      
                         1044                                    1074                                     1159 


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